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The Idol of Peña Tú

Take the N-634 to the village of Puertas de Vidiago. From there, take the track leading to the rock art site, a 15-20 minute hike uphill.

  • Wednesday to Sunday:10:00am-5:00pm

    Free visit

The paintings and engravings have become blurred due to erosion.

Located in La Pereda, twelve kilometres from Llanes, the Idol of Peña Tú is a sandstone outcropping to the west of La Borbolla Range, in a setting where some fifty burial mounds are preserved.

There is a small shelter at the bottom where the paintings and engravings can be seen. It is in a poor state of conservation, mainly due to the effects of erosion.

Two types of depictions can be distinguished. The first consists of painted schematizations, series of puncture marks and anthropomorphic figures. The second, engraved and painted, includes the idol per se and a dagger.

From modern times, it preserves a third group consisting of carved crosses and pitting.

The idol and dagger motifs, together with the characteristics of the location (rock shelter located in a setting consecrated in megalithic times as a funerary area) are factors that allow the Peña Tú rock art site as a whole to be related to the presence of a burial site of an important personage.

The Idol of Peña Tú