The fortifications and other archaeological sites are a clear exponent of the incredible cultural legacy that we have today, from the most remote and ancient past. A walk through all those open to the public is a wonderful way to travel through time.


The castreña culture is a cultural phenomenon of great roots in Asturias and is especially evident in the west of the Natural Paradise. There are numerous and notable examples of excavated fortifications, which have been given touristic value, and which are therefore be visited for a very complete overview of that historical Age.

As well as the fortifications, there are other archaeological sites of exceptional importance, which allow us to "read" other historical eras such as Pre-Romanesque, Roman, medieval, etc.

In fact, we're talking about a whole collection of ‘outcrops' from the past that allow us to study our origins and help us understand our current culture from a different perspective.

Castro of Pendia (Boal)

Castro of Pendia (Boal).
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