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Santa Cruz Dolmen
Cangas de Onis (Eastern Asturias)

It is situated in the district of Contraquil in Cangas de Onís. It is located inside the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

  • Summer and Easter Week:
    10:00am-1:00pm and 3:00pm-6:30pm

    Rest of the year:
    Request the key at the Tourist Office in Cangas de Onís

    Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Santa Cruz Dolmen stands on a plain near the confluence of the Rivers Güeña and Sella.

Santa Cruz Dolmen is a funerary monument dating from 4000 BC, formed by an artificial mound inside which there is a burial chamber composed of several stone slabs. The mound covering the megalithic monument was flattened and the chamber was levelled to its foundationsand in 1936. The current chapel and burial mound are therefore of modern construction.

The dolmen is composed of five large slabs of stone and two smaller ones that form a rectangular chamber that must have had an entrance on its southeast side. It is large in size, as a person can move around inside standing upright. The shape of the covering is unknown, although it was most likely supported by a single slab.

Another element that makes Santa Cruz Dolmen of special interest is the group of paintings, engravings and pitting that covered the inside of the chamber. The remains of the decoration still conserved comprise red strokes of paint, with predominantly broken lines.

Santa Cruz Dolmen