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Pradías Dolmen
Ibias (Western Asturias)
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Proximidades de Pradías (Ibias)

To get here from San Antolín de Ibias, you take the AS-210 to the junction with the AS-29 (towards Pozo de las Mujeres Muertas Pass), continuing on the latter road until the turnoff to Pradías. From Pradías, you have to continue on foot along a well-kept track that starts at the entrance to the village, on the right side of the road. After an uphill hike of about 45 minutes, you reach the site of the dolmen.

The dolmen is in a good state of preservation.

This megalith, popularly known as "La Hucha" (piggybank), lies half buried and surrounded by a circle of stones. It is a single chamber dolmen, oriented approximately north-south and made of a slate-like material. It consists of two large slabs of around 2.40 and 2.30 metres in length, respectively.

On one of the shorter sides, a third base stone, much smaller than the other two slabs, can be seen half buried. The monolithic cover measures 1.90 x 1.50 x 0.23 metres. Numerous bowl-shaped hollows related to burial rituals have been carved out of the upper panel.

Pradías Dolmen