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Merillés Dolmen
Tineo (Western Asturias)

Access via the AS-15, in the stretch between Soto de los Infantes and Soto de la Barca until you reach Tuña Bridge, where you take the AS-310 to Merillés. From there, continue on foot up a steep path leading to the site of the dolmen, a hike of around 45 minutes. The dolmen is located on a plot surrounded by a stone wall, in a place called Las Cabanas.

No trace of the mound that presumably covered it.

This megalith located in the Merillés Range, one of the northwestern foothills of the Peña Manteca Range, is in acceptable condition.

It currently retains four base stones, whose arrangement allows access to the interior of the chamber from the north, a chamber with a height of around 80 centimetres. The only roof slab measures 2.70 x 2.05 x 0.25 metres and has grooves in its northwestern quadrant.

From the location of this dolmen you can see another important megalithic site located to the north: Las Chamas de Penausén (Salas).

Merillés Dolmen