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Luarca (Valdés)
Contact Address
Plaza Alfonso X el Sabio (Palacio Marqués de Gamoneda), 33700
985 640 083
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    • The area around the Lighthouse, La Atalaya vantage point and the Graveyard.
    • El Chano Scenic Balcony.
    • Fishing harbour.

    Via the AS-256

    • Luarca Harbour
      La Llera, Luarca Harbour
    • 985 470 007
    • Ch9-16
    • 43°32.798N, 006°31.997W
    • Number of permanent berths: 91
    • Short-term transit berths: Yes
    • Maximum length: 10 m
    • Fuel: Diesel/Unleaded
    • Depth of entrance channel: 3 m
    • Depth at quay: 2.5 m
    • Width of entrance channel: 50 m
    • Buoy moorings: 5
    • Water supply at berth
    • Electricity at berth
    • Showers/WC
    • Sailing club
Luarca, white and radiant

According to a very popular and well-ingrained saying, Luarca is the white town on the green coast. The first thing to catch your eye is the white colour of this illustrious village. It is undoubtedly the whitest of the entire Asturian coast.

If you arrive in Luarca in the area of Villar, you can take a tour of the residences of those Asturians who emigrated to the Indies and returned with a fortune, the Indian style architecture homes. As you walk through the watchtower you will see where the natives met to light the fires and guide the ships before building the lighthouse at the tip of Focicón in 1862.
You can also admire its cemetery on a hill. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Spain due to its spectacular sea views. There the remains of the Nobel Prize for Medicine Severo Ochoa, father of modern genomics, rest.  Nearby is the Mesa de Mareantes, in which the old sailors discussed the convenience of going out to sea depending on the inclement weather.

Discover the El Cambaral fishermen neighbourhood, the Park of Life, where you can get to know land, space and sea better in a route of almost two kilometres.
The gardens of the Fonte Baixa, considered to be the largest private botanical garden in Spain, are other great attractions of this staggered village, which rises up between natural promontories, making up a dreamlike landscape.

Famous for its bridges and also for the legend of one of them, such as the Bridge of the Kiss - which has two lovers as protagonists -, Luarca invites you to watch boats coming and going and enjoy their restaurants at the entry to the sea.

This is the White Village. Surrounded by the Negro river, with beautiful beaches, and with a major fishing and sports port, it is above all, a fishing town with a history, which is one of the liveliest on the Asturian coast.  This activity is more noticeable in August when the celebrations of Our Lady of the Rosary and those of Saint Timothy, both declared to be of Tourist Interest, are held.