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Luarca (Valdés)
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Plaza Alfonso X el Sabio (Palacio Marqués de Gamoneda), 33700
985 640 083
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    • The area around the Lighthouse, La Atalaya vantage point and the Graveyard.
    • El Chano Scenic Balcony.
    • Fishing harbour.

    Via the AS-256

    • Luarca Harbour
      La Llera, Luarca Harbour
    • 985 470 007
    • Ch9-16
    • 43°32.798N, 006°31.997W
    • Number of permanent berths: 91
    • Short-term transit berths: Yes
    • Maximum length: 10 m
    • Fuel: Diesel/Unleaded
    • Depth of entrance channel: 3 m
    • Depth at quay: 2.5 m
    • Width of entrance channel: 50 m
    • Buoy moorings: 5
    • Water supply at berth
    • Electricity at berth
    • Showers/WC
    • Sailing club
Luarca, known as the "White Town of the Green Coast", is the borough capital of Valdés. Natural beauty, giant squid, legends such as that of the "Kissing Bridge" and Modernist and colonial Indiano architecture, a land of wise men who marked a milestone in the history of human knowledge.

Luarca, a beautiful, picturesque and historic town known as the "White Town of the Green Coast". Luarca boasts many charming spots: its seven bridges, fishing harbour, scenic balconies, the neighbourhood of Villar with examples of colonial Indiano architecture, the old fishermen's quarters called "El Cambaral" and "La Pescadería", the emblematic chapel on La Atalaya vantage point, the lighthouse, the Mariners and Sailors Guild Table and the graveyard, considered one of the most beautiful in Spain, which contains the grave of the 1959 Nobel Laureate for Medicine Severo Ochoa, who was born in Luarca.