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Castropol (Castropol)
Contact Address
Summertime: La Fuente, 15, 33760
More information: Town Hall of Castropol
670 558 014 / 985 635 001
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    • Old Quarter.
    • Fishing harbour and marina.
    • Vicente Loriente Park.
    • La Mirandilla Scenic Balcony.

    Via the N-640

    • Castropol Harbour
      Castropol Sailing Club - Asturias Quay Promenade
    • 606 623 953
Castropol, the westernmost border

Castropol looks stately on a stepped promontory that flows into the majestic Eo estuary, the natural border between Asturias and Galicia.
This illustrious village is the noble border between two related territories. Its streets, which are adorned each year with floral carpets (coinciding with the Corpus Christi festivals), are a remarkable display of an interesting historic quarter in which the civil and religious architecture of the last three or four centuries.  Palaces and emblazoned houses, chapels, churches, squares, parks; everything in Castropol leads us to a past of glory and splendour.

The antiquity of its rocks along with the marine aroma of its stoves and its nautical vocation make this village a unique place, with spectacular panoramic views, due to its elevation over the Eo estuary, turns the upper part of Castropol into an imposing outlook whose view flows into the Bay of Biscay.
Castropol is also unique for its oysters, whose flavour is unrivaled. 

This mollusc is indeed cultivated opposite the coast of Castropol, and it is possible to take a guided tour through the world of aquaculture.  You can also go to the Interpretation Centre of the Eo estuary to immerse yourself in the history, culture, flora and fauna of this protected landscape.  Likewise, other places of special interest, due to their charm, are the port, the Vicente Loriente Park, the Mirandilla outlook, the Santa María del Campo chapel (the only one that was saved from the fire of 1587 that devastated the town), as well as its Indianos style architecture.

In Castropol our attention is drawn to the environment of trawlers training and competing in the middle of the estuary, or its vocation for river and sea sport, which bring its classic boats with Latin sails from its port to the estuary and the sea. It is also normal to see windsurfing (when there is good wind), river and sea kayaking, water skiing, fishing and a wealth of possibilities, in accordance with the natural scenery which the great Eo estuary weaves through. Legend says that, in its depths, two Spanish galleys loaded with jewels are preserved...