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Castropol (Castropol)
Contact Address
Summertime: La Fuente, 15, 33760
More information: Town Hall of Castropol
670 558 014 / 985 635 001
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    • Old Quarter.
    • Fishing harbour and marina.
    • Vicente Loriente Park.
    • La Mirandilla Scenic Balcony.

    Via the N-640

    • Castropol Harbour
      Castropol Sailing Club - Asturias Quay Promenade
    • 606 623 953
Fishing village located on a hill on the banks of the Eo Estuary with a harbour and old quarter.

Castropol sits on top of a hill offering splendid views of the Eo Estuary and its mouth. It has a harbour and old quarter with interesting streets, Indiano houses and mansions. It also boasts fine seafood cuisine.