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Tapia de Casariego (Tapia de Casariego)
Contact Address
Casa de Cultura - Plaza del Mercado, 1, 33740
985 471 099 / 985 628 080
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Further information:


    • Seaside promenade.
    • Neighbourhood of San Sebastián.
    • Harbour and Lighthouse.
    • El Monte Scenic Balcony (La Roda).

    Via the A-8 dual carriageway and the N-634

    • Tapia de Casariego Harbour
      The Harbour
    • 985 628 012
    • 43º34"2""N, 006º57"0""W
    • Number of permanent berths: 50
    • Short-term berths: Yes
    • Maximum length: 20 m
    • Fuel: Diesel/Unleaded
    • Depth of entrance channel: 6 m
    • Depth at quay: 3 m until halfway
    • Width of entrance channel: 20 m
    • Showers/WC
Tapia de Casariego, the surfing Mecca in northern Spain

Discover one of the most beautiful, touristic seafaring villas of western Asturias and its whaling origins.
Tapia de Casariego stands out due to its strong link to the fishing and the canning industries. Walk its beautiful fishing and sports port and experience a live fish auction.  Sit on the terraces of the dock's bars and restaurants and contemplate, with the characteristic sound of seagulls in the background, the picturesque image of its moored fleet, the island's lighthouse and the exterior docks, a 19th-century work by Fernando Fernández-Casariego, the Marquis of Casariego.

Climb the San Sebastián fishing district, get closer to San Blas, its oldest area, and stroll through La Guardia to see impressive views of the Cantabrian Sea from the Os Cañóis viewpoint.
Tapia de Casariego impresses at first glance due to its charming port and its seafaring houses, its atmosphere of taverns, terraces and restaurants, its beaches and its open people, eager to receive visitors.

Its views of the sea from its promenade facing the sea or its viewpoint are impressive. Tapia is also special due to its history and its illustrious characters. You can study in depth those key aspects thanks to the exhibition "The Lords of the Palace Houses", in the House of Culture.

Tapia de Casariego is festive and Celtic. In fact, it is the birthplace of the Intercéltico d'Occidente Festival, declared to be of Tourist Interest. Among its merits is that it is a surfing pioneer in the Cantabrian Sea. The Anguileiro beach is the setting of one of the most famous trials in the World Surfing Championship.
But its status as a pioneer is not limited to sport; Tapia de Casariego was the first port where the corn coming from America arrived.
Tapia's purpose is transoceanic and universalist, and it offers you peace at the foot of the sea, sport, sun and beach, excellent cuisine and a pleasant environment.   Tapia´s saltwater pool, located on a former shellfish farm, is unique throughout the Cantabrian Sea.

Tapia de Casariego