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Tapia de Casariego
Territory (Parque Histórico del Navia)
Contact Address
Oficina de Turismo: Casa de Cultura - Plaza del Mercado, 1. 33740. Tapia
985 471 099
Further information:

    • Beaches: Los Campos, La Ribería, La Paloma, Serantes, Mexota, Santa Gadea, etc.
    • Casariego Recreational Area.
    • Represas Scenic Balcony.
    • Salave Ponds.
  • Via the A-8 dual carriageway, and the N-634 and AS-23

  • Population: 4,186 inhabitants

    Area: 65.99 km2

Surfing waves and beaches like Anguileiro, a borough capital that is one of the most interesting fishing towns in Asturias, with its harbour, lighthouse and the best of Bay of Biscay cuisine, mansions and emblazoned houses, the Salave ponds, hill forts ... That's Tapia de Casariego

Tides and waves form part of its intense landscape. This is Tapia de Casariego, a coastal municipality in western Asturias, famous for the quality and beauty of its beaches - Serantes, La Paloma, Mexota, Santa Gadea, Peñarronda and San Blas, among others -; its excellent seafood cuisine; its stories of fishermen and sailors; for its scenic balconies; its hill forts overlooking the sea; and its mansions and emblazoned houses such as Campos Mansion and Cancio Mansion...

The town of Tapia, the borough capital, has a pleasant promenade, a number of scenic balconies, and a charming harbour dotted with bars and houses that we seem to be hanging over the sea, along with its bars. To add a cool, hippy touch, there is Anguileiro Beach, famous for the surfing championship that has been held there for decades now. There is also the old lighthouse, located on an island joined to land by a pier, which lends it a different air... the same as that of the secluded Salave ponds, formed artificially as the result of the exploitation of an ancient Roman mine...

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Tapia de Casariego