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Penarronda Beach
Castropol y Tapia de Casariego (Western Asturias)

On foot or by car

Type of beach
  • Fine golden sand
Services and amenities
  • Food&Drink
  • Showers
  • Parking
  • Accessible
  • Lifeguards
  • Surfing
  • Fishing (underwater or other)
Other services
Length 600 m.
Castropol y Tapia de Casariego (Western Asturias)
Peñarronda Beach
Bandera Azul

A unique collection of plant life for a Natural Monument

Peñarronda Beach is shared by the boroughs of Castropol and Tapia. Divided by the stream of the same name, Peñarronda Beach is unique: its plant life includes (Malcolmia littorea) or Sand Stock, an endangered species not found anywhere else in Asturias.

It also stands out for its unique beauty, in the shape of an elongated shell with a round rock in the centre that lends the beach its name. It has good amenities, is windy with a heavy swell, making it perfect for surfing.


It forms part of the Oscos-Eo Biosphere Reserve.

Peñarronda Beach