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Mexota Beach
Tapia de Casariego (Western Asturias)
On foot
Type of beach
  • White sand
Services and amenities
  • Parking
Length 200 m.
Tapia de Casariego (Western Asturias)
Mexota Beach

An islet divides this pristine haven in two

Sheltered by towering cliffs, Mexota Beach is a haven of peace, being a beautiful beach with crystal-clear waters and white sand that looks onto the sea in the western part of Asturias. This beach is divided in two by a central islet, which also defines its horizon. It is windy and has a moderate swell.

Access is by foot from the village of Serantes or via a road from Villamil. Perhaps this limitation means it is less popular, making it an attractive cove for nudists.


Beach frequented by naturists.

Mexota Beach