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El Porto/Viavélez
Viavélez (El Franco)
Street map
    • Fishing harbour.
    • Viavélez Scenic Balcony.
    • Corín Tellado's Birthplace.
    • Jardón Mansion (outside).

    Via the AS-257

    • Viavélez Harbour
      Viavélez Quay
    • 985 637 074
    • Fuel: Diesel/Unleaded
Viavélez, charming and literary

Viavélez honours the beauty of the western coast with its ports and seafaring villas. It gives El Franco, its municipality, a prominent place in terms of coastal landscapes.

Remote, almost secret and humble, Viavélez offers peace, a fishing port environment, good cuisine and lots of literature. Due to the art of words, this fishing town of western Asturias has travelled all over the world thanks to: its Favourite Daughter, the novelist Corín Tellado, the most read in Spanish after Cervantes, was born in this beautiful town. There you will find her family home. The author also gives her name to one of the most beautiful streets of the town which begins at the Fishermen's Guild building.
Like any fishing town that is proud of itself, Viavélez conserves in its customs and in its typical architecture the essence of western Asturian culture, which you will perceive in its streets, in its port or from its viewpoint, from which you will have spectacular views of the coastline.

Despite its current tranquillity, its port played a dominant role in whaling for centuries. Its shipyard, with the reputation of building the fastest brigantines on the entire Asturian coast, ended its activity in the 19th century. This gave way to an adaptation of the dock to what it looks like today.  So, take a nice walk around this relaxing town imbued in all its corners by the Cantabrian Sea, and go up to the

El Porto viewpoint to get a great panoramic view. Once there you will find the sculpture called "Litoral", by Ernesto Knorr, in which will you will see, as a metaphor, the living and fighting spirit of the always friendly Viavélez.