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Navia (Navia)
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Contact Address
Avda. de la Dársena, 33710
985 473 795
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Further information:

    • The estuary and its riverside path.
    • Harbour.
    • Campoamor Park.
    • Town Hall.

    Via the N-634

    • Navia Harbour
    • 985 474 229 / 691 471 153
    • Ch9-6
    • 43º34"N, 06º44"W
    • Number of permanent berths: 81
    • Maximum length: 12-15 m
    • Fuel: Diesel/Unleaded
    • Depth of entrance channel: 2-8 m
    • Depth at quay: 1-2 m
    • Width of entrance channel: 50 m
    • Buoy moorings: 1
    • Sailing club
Navia, the swimmer's paradise

Navia offers you a wealth of tourist and leisure possibilities due to its rich monumental, ethnographic and artistic heritage and its extensive social activity.  The port is a focal point of village life. There you will find small and large boats, as well as its outstanding naval shipyard.

Let us suggest to go along its wheelchair accessible seafront, enjoying some beautiful views until you reach the beach.  Do not forget to visit its historical centre, with remains of the old wall, now the commercial axis of the surroundings and the different monuments dedicated to emigrants, where there is a seagull that defies the fierce ocean.
In a panoramic glance, the first thing that will catch your eye in Navia is the power of its estuary, which is massive and fast-flowing, with an opening to the sea on a mission to reach the ocean.
Navia develops its maritime-fluvial life around its estuary and beach, with a spectacular coastline both from land and sea.
Water sports are one of Navia's strengths.

In fact, this village has been holding one of the most famous and competitive swimming races in Spain for over 60 years, with an impressive programme of cultural and fun activities that are held in parallel.  In addition, the lively atmosphere of the Swimming Descent (Festival of National Tourist Interest) is unique: thousands upon thousands of people gather for the sport and the festival.
Everything is great in Navia: its shipyards, its historic center, its palaces, its Indian style homes, such as the Casino, the Arias palace and the Pérez Casadoiro palace... and of course its history, marked by heroic deeds and illustrious characters, with the politician and writer Ramón de Campoamor being one of the most emblematic, as well as Rafael Calzada, promoter of the modernisation of the village.

As far as food is concerned, its seafood cuisine is a highlight, and there is no lack of a good typical dessert, as is the famous Venera marzipan cake, which takes a thousand shapes; a classic flavour based on almonds, sugar and eggs.

During a walk along the western coast you must stop off in the always warm and welcoming Navia, with its lively people who known for hospitality.