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Cudillero (Cudillero)
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Oficina de Turismo: Puerto del Oeste, 33150. Cudillero
985 591 377
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    • Natural amphitheatre.
    • Lighthouse.
    • Harbour.
    • "Pixuetos and the Sea" Educational Exhibition.

    Via the A-8 dual carriageway and the AS-I, AS-II and N-632

    • Cudillero Harbour
    • 985 580 121
    • Ch9
    • Fuel: Diesel/Unleaded
Cudillero, hidden and pixueta

Cudillero is very different from any other seafaring village in your imagination, and it even has its own language, pixueto, which is exhibited every year in a mass gathering in the proclamation of L'Amuravela, a humorous and ironic play that narrates what happened throughout the year.  L'Amuravela, which is celebrated every 29 June to coincide with the feast of San Pedro, is one of the great events of this unique village in the broadest sense of the term.

The physical configuration of Cudillero is also unique; it is hidden from the sea and from the earth, and built in humble houses of a thousand colours, which give shape to its well-known and much photographed amphitheatre.

Cudillero emanates sea and fishing on all four sides, and still maintains traditions as unique as the curadillo, a unique delicacy, invented by the pixueto sailors in the past, when they let small sharks dehydrate for months at the door of their homes.  This was the refrigeration formula of the time and a breakthrough for survival, as well as a hallmark of fishermen's houses.
Due to its peculiar orography, Cudillero has spectacular views from the lighthouse or the watchtower.  Furthermore, its entrance by the Pito is impressive, with the succession of Indian style houses that there is in the area, in addition to the Selgas Palace, a splendid 19th century building known as the "Asturian Versailles".
Fishing neighbourhoods, wind and sea, good views, seafood cuisine, year-round atmosphere and literary and artistic inspiration.

Do not miss the opportunity to tour the port that dazzled Hollywood with the Oscar-winning film Volver a empezar, and to see the lighthouse and the Humilladero chapel, Cudillero's charming Gothic jewel.  You can appreciate the contrasts between the upper part of the town, more dedicated to farming, and the lower part, focused on fishing and tourism.  And of course, you have to enjoy its flavours, particularly the delicious fish, on the port's terraces.
Cudillero is all this and so much more.