Tarta de Afuega' l Pitu

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Serves 6/8:

  • 200 gr. Afuega' l Pitu white cheese
  • 25 gr. Afuega' l Pitu red cheese
  • 400 ml. Condensed milk
  • 600 ml. Liquid cream
  • 200 ml. Fresh milk
  • 125 gr. Sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • Jam
  • Salt
  • In a medium bowl, beat the eggs. Once mixed, add the cream and milk and make a uniform mixture.
  • To this mixture we have just prepared, add the white Afuega' l Pitu cheese in small pieces so that it dilutes more easily. Beat until the cheese is completely incorporated into the mixture.
  • Repeat this process with the red Afuega' l Pitu.
  • Once this mixture is ready, add the condensed milk, sugar and pinch of salt. Beat again until the ingredients are blended.
  • Preheat the oven to 165 degrees.
  • While the oven is heating, choose the mould and grease it with butter so that the mixture does not stick when baking.
  • Pour the mixture into the mould and put it in the oven for 50 minutes. The time will depend on the texture we want, we can leave it for 5 or 10 minutes more. We will know that the cake is done because the edges will be toasted.
  • Once this time has elapsed, take the cake out of the oven and leave it to rest at room temperature.
  • Finally, add the jam, which can be made while the cake is in the mould and cooling, or directly on the plate.

The Afuega' l Pitu Cheese Cake can be enjoyed in all the "Tierra Astur" cider houses: Gascona, 1 and Gascona, 9 in Oviedo/Uviéu; Polígono del Águila del Nora in Colloto/Cualloto (Siero); in Mariano Pola, 10-12-14 Gijón/Xixón and San Francisco, 4 Avilés.

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