Fabes con Almejas

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Ingredients (for 4 diners):

- 1 kg of fabes from the farm (fresh) or 400 g of dried beans
- 24 fine clams
- parsley
- Bacon
- 1 onion or 2 onions (if small)
- ½ leek
- Oil
- Chilli
- Salt
- 8 garlic
- Sweet paprika
- Saffron powder
- White wine


  • Bring the beans to the boil and let them come to the boil for the first time.
  • Skim off the foam with a skimmer to remove any residue that may have been missed.
  • Add the bacon, a spoonful of paprika, a drizzle of oil and the chopped onion and leek.
  • While the beans begin to cook over a low heat (if they boil, cut the cooking time with cold water), crush the garlic and fry it. When it begins to brown, add the chilli peppers, the wine and let it reduce and evaporate. Then pour it over the stew.
  • When the beans begin to reach the cooking point, add the salt, adjust the seasoning, add the saffron and finally add the clams.