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Oneta Waterfalls
Villayón (Western Asturias)
  • Oneta Waterfalls are located in the borough of Villayón, on a stretch of the River Oneta near to the small village that gives its name to the waterfalls.

The Natural Monument of Oneta Waterfalls is a spectacular collection of three staggered waterfalls distributed in just a few metres.

They comprise permanent waterfalls located in an incredibly beautiful spot. They are frequently used as a hiking trail. The three waterfalls are located in an area of ​​lush vegetation.

The first waterfall, called La Firbia, stands out for its beauty and magnificence, as it has a fall of about 15 metres and continuous landslides have adorned it with a peculiar rock hollow, where the water discharges all its power.

The second is La Firbia de Abajo, which is accessed after a steep climb, while the third, called La Firbia de Maseirúa, is the smallest and most inaccessible, due to being located in a more abrupt, protected enclave.

Oneta Waterfalls