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The River Alba Trail
Sobrescobio (Central Asturias)
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  • The River Alba Trail is located in the borough of Sobrescobio, running parallel to the river of the same name, from Cruz de los Ríos to El Alba fish farm..

A family trail, declared a Natural Monument, in the heart of Redes Nature Park.

The River Alba Trail has become one of the most emblematic elements of Redes Nature Park on account of its beauty and easy hiking conditions without steep climbs.

In Soto de Agues, a beautiful village with hórreos (raised granaries-cum-storehouses) and chestnut running balconies and balusters just two kilometres from Rioseco, the borough capital, you take a wide path where road traffic has been restricted exclusively to agricultural vehicles. This track was the path used by ancient shepherds and mule drivers to reach the neighbouring Aller Valley. Subsequently, it was used for transporting the iron from the Carmen Mine. This trail, also called the Foces del Llaímo Trail, runs parallel to the River Alba. The round trip takes four hours and is suitable for the whole family.

The River Alba Trail