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The Pastur Yew
Illano (Western Asturias)
Tejo de Pastur
  • The Pastur Yew is located in the borough of Illano, in the foothills of La Bobia, near the Pastur Shrine.

The magical yew of La Bobia, a listed Natural Monument.

With a height of 17 metres, a circumference around the trunk of 4.25 metres and a canopy with a diameter of 20 metres, it constitutes one of the most outstanding specimens of this species (Taxus baccata) in the region.

The yew is a tree of magical significance. Every part of the tree, except for the aril surrounding the seed, contains a powerful poison, taxine. There are few shrines or chapels which do not boast a grand specimen of yew nearby.

It is highly valued for its wood and the shape of the wood grain. This is very hard and compact, highly durable as it does not succumb to rot. The sapwood is ivory in colour, while the heartwood is reddish when cut and reddish brown when dry. It is highly appreciated by joiners and was used in ancient times to make bows. It is used in woodturning, carving and to make tool handles or kitchen utensils.

The Pastur Yew