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Zeluán Pond and Llodero Cove
Avilés y Gozón (Central Asturias)
Charca de Zeluán y Ensenada de Llodero
  • Llodero Cove is located in the borough of Avilés, on the right bank of the estuary. Zeluán Pond is very nearby, in the borough of Gozón.

The sea shapes to a cove and a pond, making up this Natural Monument.

Zeluán Beach, about 400 m in length, is located near Avilés Estuary. At very low tides it becomes a muddy cove of around 12 hectares of enormous richness and diversity. It is still home to the last communities of marshland vegetation in what was the great Avilés Estuary.

It is a place that deserves special protection, as it was badly degraded by industrialization. Even today it remains a major resting place for significant numbers of migratory waterfowl, making it a very interesting and ecologically valuable setting. A hide has been built here for watching the birds without bothering them. It is estimated that possibly up to thirty thousand migratory birds pass through this spot annually.

Zeluán Pond and Llodero Cove