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The Santa Coloma Yew
Allande (Western Asturias)
Tejo de Santa Coloma
  • The Santa Coloma Yew is located in the borough of Allande, beside the Church of Santa Coloma.

This listed Natural Monument is one of the oldest yews in Asturias.

The Santa Coloma Yew is one of the typical examples of trees of this species located in the vicinity of churches, chapels and shrines all over Asturias.

It stands 8 metres tall with a circumference of 5.6 metres and is found to be in generally good condition. It is probably the oldest yew in Asturias, as it is estimated to be over 1,000 years old.

It is located next to the Romanesque church built in 1785 on the remains of another church dating from the 14th century. Christians assimilated the magical character that ancient civilizations gave the yew, which is why they are usually located next to churches and chapels. In many cases, like that of Santa Coloma, they have an altar next to the trunk to celebrate the Mass of Corpus Christi.

The Santa Coloma Yew