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Torca Urriellu Cave
Cabrales (Eastern Asturias)
  • Torca Urriellu Cave is located in the borough of Cabrales, near the Uriellu Shelter in the central massif of the Picos de Europa.

The Torca Urriellu Natural Monument is a karst cave in the foothills of Urriellu Peak.

Torca Urriellu is an extensive cave with a large pothole measuring 1,017 metres in depth. It has two clearly differentiated areas: the vertical sector, consisting of a series of shafts, meanders and narrowings ending in a siphon at a depth of 972 m, and the lower sector, consisting of large galleries, one of which is a very interesting, enormous fossil gallery. It is traversed by a watercourse called the River of Silence, which flows into the terminal siphon at a depth of 1,017 m.

Torca Urriellu Cave