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The Toneyu Network
Amieva (Eastern Asturias)
Red de Toneyu
  • The Toneyu Network is located in the borough of Amieva, in the Toneyu high mountain meadow in the Beza Range.

Cave formation in the Picos de Europa, declared a Natural Monument.

The Toneyo Network is the largest cavern in Asturias, with 19 kilometres of galleries and a depth of 614 metres. Water infiltrates rapidly and is channelled through a complicated system of underground channels. A succession of shafts and narrow meanders lead from the different entrances to an approximate level of 200 metres in depth, where the fossil galleries can be accessed. The waters resurface at Fuente de la Redonda, located at a height of 590 metres on the eastern side of Sella Gorge, in a watercourse which flows into the river downstream from Vidosa Bridge.

The Toneyu Network was declared a Natural Monument in 2003 and forms part of the Picos de Europa National Park.

The Toneyu Network