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Buelles Willow Woods
Peñamellera Baja (Eastern Asturias)
Saucedas de Buelles
  • Buelles Willow Woods are located in the borough of Peñamellera Baja and comprise the willow woods bordering the River Deva, on the stretch of river located between the villages of El Mazu, Narganes and Buelles.

The most beautiful willow woods in northern Spain, declared a Natural Monument.

In the village of Buelles, on the banks of the River Deva, heading towards El Mazo, you can walk over 20 kilometres beside the most beautiful willow woods in all of northern Spain. White willows abound, though there are specimens of other species.

The resulting landscape is of great beauty, as the waters of the River Deva are quite transparent, almost crystal clear. In this beautiful setting there are also some pools that are ideal for salmon fishing.

Buelles Willow Woods