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The Santibáñez de la Fuente Yew Tree
Aller (Central Asturias)
Tejo de Santibáñez de la Fuente
  • The Santibáñez de la Fuente Yew is located in the borough of Allande, beside the Church of San Juan del Riomiera.

This listed Natural Monument is a 500-year-old yew.

The Santibáñez de la Fuente Yew Tree currently stands 5 metres high, with a trunk measuring 3.33 metres in circumference. Its age is unknown for sure, but, from its features, it is very likely more than 500 years old.

Like most yews trees in Asturias, it stands next to a church. This was the sacred tree of the Celts, who gathered below it to pray to their gods, while the Christians built their churches next to these places to Christianize these people. The church in this case is that of San Juan del Riomiera, built between the 12th and 13th centuries in the popular late-Romanesque style.

The church has a portico that gave shelter to pilgrims on the Way of St James. The Santibáñez Yew is located in a privileged spot on the stretch of St James' Way coming from León via San Isidro Pass.

The Santibáñez de la Fuente Yew Tree