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The Salas Yew Tree
Salas (Western Asturias)
  • The Salas Yew is located in the town cemetery next to the parish church of San Martín in Salas, in the borough of the same name.

This Natural Monument is one of the tallest yews in the Asturias.

A magnificent specimen of yew rising to a height of 16 metres, which makes it stand out among the surroundings. The trunk has a perimeter of 6.5 metres and the diameter of the canopy reaches 12 metres.

Like all the trees of this species in Asturias, it is surrounded by a magical halo of mystery, which in bygone days afforded it magical qualities directly related to Asturian mythology. Most of these trees are located next to small churches or chapels and they played a major role for the Celts, who took/ate their poisonous fruit to end their lives when they were defeated by their enemies so as to avoid becoming slaves.

The Salas Yew Tree