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El Espartal Beach
Castrillón (Central Asturias)
  • El Espartal Beach is located in the borough of Castrillón. An extension of Salinas Beach, it occupies the coastal area from the left bank of the estuary where the Port of Avilés service area is located to the town of Salinas.

The most extensive dune system in Asturias, declared a Natural Monument.

El Espartal Beach is about 3 kilometres long. It is an area of great natural beauty, constituting the most extensive dune system in Asturias. With tremendous ecological value, its main wealth lies in its psammophilous plantlife, i.e. plants that thrive best in sandy soil.

Species such as broom, seashore false bindweed, sea daffodils and sea thistle can be found in the dunes. Sarsaparilla, wild madder and shrubs such as strawberry trees, laurel, privet, etc., can be found further inland. Communities of seabirds and wall lizards can also be found here.

El Espartal Beach