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The Trave System
Cabrales (Eastern Asturias)
Sistema del Trave
  • The Trave System is located in the borough of Cabrales, at the foot of Cuetos del Trave, near to the Jou de los Cabrones shelter in the central massif of the Picos de Europa.

The Trave System Natural Monument consists of deep chasms and 9 kilometres of shafts and galleries.

At a depth of 1,441 metres, the Trave system is one of the deepest known caverns both in Asturias and in the world. The system stands out in terms of its complexity and depth. Located in the central massif of the Picos de Europa, it comprises the union of three major potholes: the upper, Torca de la Laureola (open at an elevation of 2,042 m), the middle, Torca del Alba (elevation 1,975 m), and the lower, Sima Trave (elevation 1,917 m), each with its own entrance.

Several watercourses run through the Trave system, converging in the great catch basin, which constitutes the lowest level of the cavern. This catch basin, a veritable underground river, can be followed for a short distance to its end. Various species of insects and crustaceans have been found here. Of particular importance is the discovery of a new genus of Collembola, Ongulonychiurus, whose species name is Ongulonychiurus colpus.

The Trave System