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Somiedo Lake System
Somiedo (Central Asturias)
  • Somiedo Lake System is located in the borough of Somiedo and comprises the area around El Valle Lake, the area around the Saliencia Lakes, and the area between these lakes and the borough limits to the south.

The Somiedo Lake System Natural Monument is a system of glacial cirque lakes.

The system comprises the Saliencia Lakes (Calabazosa or Lago Negro, Cerveriz, Laguna de Almagrera or La Mina and La Cueva) and El Valle Lake, in addition to the high mountain area between them, in which the Albos Peaks stand out.

From the geological point of view, the natural monument consists of a system of glacial cirque lakes, the result of overdeepening processes, connected by glacial valleys, among which there rises a limestone massif with numerous typical forms of glacial erosion such as dolines, uvalas, poljes, limestone pavements, etc.

The Saliencia Lakes are listed as a Point of Geological Interest by the Spanish Geomining Institute. Until just a few decades ago, an iron mine operated next to La Cueva Lake which has given it its characteristic reddish hue. Near the lake you can still see the mine entrances and several facilities of the abandoned mine.

In this stunning natural setting, which is part of Somiedo Nature Park, you can do several hiking trails, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the lakes from above. The relative difficulty of some parts of the trail is rewarded in the end with the views you have.

Somiedo Lake System