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Guadamía / Aguamía Beach
Llanes (Eastern Asturias)
Easy on foot, or by car
Type of beach
  • Golden sand and pebbles
Services and amenities
  • Accessible
Length 80 m.
Llanes (Eastern Asturias)
Guadamía / Aguamía Beach

A beach carved into the rock which forms the border between Llanes and Ribadesella

Guadamía Beach is an example of karst landscape shaped by water. It is a long beach, carved into the rock by the sea, with the best example of its porosity present in the caves in the cliff walls. The outlet to the sea is barely visible from the beach. At high tide, it takes the form of a huge natural pool. At low tide, it is necessary to go to the edge of the cliff for a swim.

It is surrounded by meadows and is completely natural. Its great scenic interest is complemented by its easy access from Llames de Pria.


Eastern Coastline Protected Landscape

Guadamía / Aguamía Beach