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Skittles Museum of Asturias
Peñamellera Baja (Eastern Asturias)
Contact Address
C/ Mayor. 33570 Panes (Peñamellera baja)
985 414 417 / 676 128 176
  • Easter (19th to 28th Mars 2016) and Summer (18th June to 18th September)

    Tuesday to Sunday: 10:30am - 1:30pm and 4:30pm-8:30pm

    Closed on Monday

    Individual: €1

Fans from all over Asturias still practise this local sport

The museum, attached to the skittle alley, is located in a two-storey building. The process of making skittles and balls and preparing the field is presented downstairs. The exhibit displays a collection of tools related to these activities, accompanied by texts and photographs.

Upstairs, the fourteen variants of skittles practiced in Asturias are on display, divided into two groups: knocking over and knocking away, referring to the way the skittles are hit, either to knocking them over or knocking them away with the impact of the ball.

All the variants are accompanied by a model of a skittle alley, an actual set of skittles and ball, an explanatory text and a set of photographs, including series of five shots of techniques in throwing the ball in each variant.

A map shows the geographical distribution of the variants of Asturian skittles.

One area of the museum is given over to trophies, posters announcing skittle games or contests, players' shirts and skittle club shields.

The visit ends with a large panel featuring photos of the most significant personalities in the world of skittles, legendary players of all the different variants, and others who contributed to maintaining this traditional game that is still avidly practised by many people throughout the Principality.

Skittles Museum of Asturias