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Permanent Exhibition on the Canning Industry in Candás
Carreño (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
Parque de Les Conserveres.33430, Candás (Carreño)
985 884 888 / 985 870 205
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  • Monday to Sunday: 11:00am-2:00pm

    Closed on Thursday

    Free admission

A faithful reflection of the maritime essence of the town.

Located in the old cistern of the Bernardo Alfageme Cannery and Cider Factory, the Permanent Exhibition of the Canning Industry in Candás displays the history of canning in the town through original pieces and models, paying tribute to all those who have participated in this industry in one way or another, contextualized within the canning industry at an international level.

The exhibition is divided into eight areas:

Area 1.
Devoted to and explaining the main features of maritime economy.

Area 2.
The techniques used to preserve food throughout history are described here.

Area 3.
A chronicle of the emergence of canned preserves.

Area 4.
On the first canneries that operated in the world.

Area 5.
An explanation of the production process in a cannery.

Area 6.
Devoted to the workers in canneries.

Area 7.
Focussing on the history of the canning industry in Candás.

Area 8.
Analyzing the current state of the canning industry and future trends.

Permanent Exhibition on the Canning Industry in Candás