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Shrine of Our Lady of Miravalles
Aller (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
33680 Soto (Aller)
985 494 102
  • Ecclesiastical
A way stage for pilgrims and a place of devotion for the people of Aller

According to the story, pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela used to stop off at this magnificent wooded meadow, on which the present-day chapel was built. Popes Clement XIII and Pius VI underscored its importance by granting the shrine papal bulls.

This beautiful 18th-century Baroque chapel designed by Francisco de la Riba stands near the village cemetery in Soto de Aller. It has a single nave which houses an altarpiece by the Asturian sculptor José de la Meana. The Gothic stone statue (14th-15th centuries) of the patron saint of Aller is venerated here.

The polychrome statue of the Virgin Mary is medieval in style, with noteworthy folds, presenting a high degree of plasticity, and humanized features in the face, in which a sense of maternal sentimentality prevails.

This is a place of religious and civil devotion where the feast of Our Lady of Miravalles is held every year on 8th September. It is also a historical site, the spot where the people of Aller rose up against French troops during the War of Independence in 1808.

Shrine of Our Lady of Miravalles