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Territory (Comarca del Nora)
Contact Address
Luis Navia Osorio. 33510 Pola de Siero
985 724 210
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Further information:

    • Tuesday Market in La Pola Siero and Cattle Market in La Pola Siero (Monday and Thursday).
    • The Way of St James.
    • Trails.
    • Festivities (Comadres, Painted Eggs, El Carmín, Valdesoto Carnival Floats Parade).
  • Via the A-64 and AS-I dual carriageways and the N-634

  • Population: 52,229 inhabitants

    Area: 211.23 km2

The finest Asturian coalfields, pithead gear that look like metal giants on the Siero mining route, an ecological pantry, country mansions, consummate fiestas, a staging post on the Way of St James, cider mills, the Tuesday street market and the cattle market ... That's Siero.

Its depths bear the essence of the finest Asturian coalfields. This territory pioneered the first deep pits in Asturias, while the pithead gear of historic mines such as those of Pumarabule, Mosquitera, Candín and Solvay, among others, which nowadays make up the Siero Mining Route, still stand tall like metal giants. But this borough - with its capital in Pola de Siero - not only waves the black banner of Coal. Its green hills and fertile valleys make it a great organic pantry of livestock, milk, market garden produce and apple orchards, which make Siero the third most important town in Asturias in terms of cider mills.

The illustrious scholar and statesman Jovellanos, whose family roots are to be found in Valdesoto, was inspired by Siero to set out on his long coalmining journey. Thousands of pilgrims take the last steps on their journey in Siero before prostrating themselves at the Cathedral of San Salvador in Oviedo. Dozens of medieval feudal estates jointly arose in this territory due to its strategic location and the importance it had for the Crown, their crests and mansions still seen today on the Country Mansions Route...

And if that is not enough, there is also a traditional, festive, friendly and communicative Siero that enjoys showing off its fiestas to the locals and visitors alike: the evening of Comadres, when women get together to eat and have fun, the Painted Eggs Market, the Romería or festivity of El Carmín and Valdesoto's Carnival Floats ... as well as the Siero that vibrates every Tuesday with its weekly market and its cattle market, which continues to be a pioneer and leader in Spain.

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