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Pozo San Fernando
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Pozo San Fernando
  • As you leave Cabañaquinta on the AS-112, take the turning to Serrapio and Orillés and head for the latter village. The road ends at Orillés, where the PR-AS 205 greenway leads to San Fernando Pit, which is next to the recreational area. The walk is fairly easy and takes about 20 minutes. Access on foot only from Orillés.
    • Panoramic views
    • Hiking
    • Area with tables
This recreational area is a place of great beauty, in a hilly area, where you can observe the most representative species of native forest.
It is located next to the San Fernando Pit headframe, a truly unique element of industrial heritage, as coal was extracted via the lower part of the valley by means of counterweights. It was operated by the Sociedad Industrial Asturiana company and was open from 1948 to 1968.
Pozo San Fernando