In the air

Only from above can you truly admire the impossible routes of the rivers through the gorges, or how the landscape rapidly goes from being the most rugged mountainous region to gentle green valleys. And wait until you see our beaches and cliffs from above.

Flying makes more sense if enjoyed in Paradise, because there is nothing like getting a bird's eye view of the natural oil painting of the Asturian reliefs. Paragliding, paramotor or ballooning? choose how you want to become a Natural bird of Paradise...

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  • The view of spectacular beaches, absolute postcards from the air.
  • A bird's eye view of the magnificent landscapes of the Asturian mountains.

Birds of a natural Paradise

Everything looks different from the Asturian sky. Unlike the birds of paradise, with their vibrant multicoloured feathers that are particularly relevant during courtship rituals, in Asturias we wear our best all year round. Because whenever you visit, from the sky you will fall in love with our greens, blues and greys in all their colour schemes.

ParamotorParamotor in Guimarán (Carreño)
There are also high-mountain flights in some areas, taking off from a 1,000-metre-high mountain. Thus, the eternal question, coast or mountain? And the answer is: both.
ParaglidingParagliding in Cotobello (Aller)
Do you want to feel like a Bird of Paradise? If you do not have any flying experience, you can book a two-seater flight accompanied by a professional instructor. As you can see, taking a short run off the edge of a mountain to suddenly find yourself suspended in the air to enjoy Paradise, is a possibility for everyone.

The feeling of looking over the world from a balloon basket, slowly, without any noise, in direct contact with the air, while the wind moves you and you float along with an indescribable feeling of calm is almost magical, but doing so in Asturias is the closest you will get to levitating over Paradise.

You can choose between paragliding without a motor or with the help of a motor (paramotor and in trike - – with motor and wheels) to fly over the coastal region and mountains.

Paragliding in La Providencia - GijónParagliding in La Providencia (Gijón)

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