Village Houses (full board or room-only) and Rural Apartments make up this quality brand that shows off the many attractions of the towns of Asturias and its privileged environment.

Logo Aldeas, Asturias Calidad Rural

Aldeas Asturias Calidad Rural was also a pioneer brand in recognising the delicacy of this type of rural accommodation.

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to enjoy a quiet holiday is to do it in one of these accommodations, where the traveller has total freedom to organise their leisure time.

In Aldeas, both the accommodation, the environment and the quality of service make the rural rooms a true luxury for the senses and for a different and unforgettable rest.

Exterior view of a village house

The towns of Asturias are charming places, with magic around every corner, discovering that unusual spot or conversing with that always hospitable villager willing to show the best of the native culture. Peaceful places, where the past meets and conveys many human stories of overcoming and wisdom.


Aldeas Asturias Calidad Rural is an ideal way to approach the Asturian rural world and enjoy all its excellence: landscape, human, cultural, culinary and natural, among others. In this case, accommodation becomes an essential part of the travel experience itself and takes us into a world of fascinating villages and unrepeatable stories.