The Hotels Casonas Asturianas Quality Club was a pioneer of its kind in Spain. A quarter of a century after its creation, it continues to be a national and international benchmark for hotel excellence.


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Charming hotels - among which there are palaces and stately homes or pretty townhouses -, where the stay is one of the main experiences of the trip. Casonas Asturianas is much more than a Hotel Quality Club. Actually, it is an ideal way to get to know and enjoy a destination, being the accommodation one of the primary sensations of well-being in those moments of leisure and relaxation, typical of holiday stays.

Exterior view of a Casona Asturiana

At Casonas Asturianas every detail is the essence of an excellence that is everywhere. Spots that are synonymous with tranquility, and others that are synonymous with hustle and bustle. Romantic whispers or passionate conversations. Sunbathing, fresh water, rain.

And of course, a cuisine that connects with the roots, traditions and products of the earth, and which makes things very easy for the traveller, when it comes to tasting the best and most genuine things in the Natural Paradise.

Lounge of a Casona Asturiana

At Casonas Asturianas, every day is different, and always pleasant. The treatment is fully personalised, and characterised by dedication and warmth. And the facilities honour the excellence required by this Club, where the environment of each hotel is a true jewel in the landscape.