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Carniciega / Carriciega / Barquera Beach
Gozón (Central Asturias)
On foot
Type of beach
  • Golden sand
Services and amenities
  • Parking
  • Lifeguards
Length 340 m.
Gozón (Central Asturias)
Carniciega / Carriciega / Barquera Beach

A cove with a hill fort past

Carniciega Beach is accessed from the west end of Verdicio Beach at low tide, although it can also be reached via beaten paths in the gentle cliffs that surround it.

It is a quiet golden beach around three hundred metres in length which is also called Barquera Beach, most likely because it was used as a fishing harbour in the past. Garabetales Hill Fort is located about 200 metres from the beach, yet another representative of hill fort culture in the area.


It forms part of Cape Peñas Protected Landscape.

Carniciega / Carriciega / Barquera Beach