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La Gueirua / Gairúa Beach
Cudillero (Western Asturias)

Easy, on foot

Type of beach
  • Pebbles
Services and amenities
  • Fishing (underwater or other)
Length 120 m.
Cudillero (Western Asturias)
La Gueirua / Gairúa Beach

It belongs to the Western Coastline Protected Landscape.


An eerie landscape of jagged rocks that emerge from the sea

Gueirúa Beach is a small pebbled cove that stands out for its truly beautiful landscape. At its eastern end, there is a row of islets formed by sharp rocks emerging from the sea, the remains of an old fractured quartz and slate point. This area is called La Forcada (The Pitchfork), and separates Gueirúa Beach from Calabón Beach.

This is an unspoilt area, barely frequented and lacking in amenities, although it is not particularly difficult to access. It is reached via a path followed by a flight of steps.

La Gueirua / Gairúa Beach