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Villanueva / El Canal Beach
Llanes (Eastern Asturias)
On foot
Type of beach
  • White sand and pebbles
Length 25 m.
Llanes (Eastern Asturias)
Villanueva / El Canal Beach

A spectacular elongated saltwater ravine

Villanueva Beach is noteworthy for its long, narrow channel via which seawater reaches the white sand and pebble beach. This is a spectacular ravine nestling the beach within the landscape and has been widely photographed.

This channel protects bathers by greatly reducing the heavy swell. There is a whirlpool effect at the outer end of the ravine, where it joins the sea, making bathing risky. The beach is in a natural setting and lacks amenities of any kind.

It is accessible by car from Villanueva de Pria, but the final stretch has to be covered on foot.


Eastern Coastline Protected Landscape

Playa de Villanueva / El Canal
Villanueva / El Canal Beach