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Santo Adriano Rock Shelter
Santo Adriano (Central Asturias)
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637 061 610
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Accessed via the AS-228 road between the town of Trubia and the boroughs of Teverga and Quirós. At kilometre point 8, where the small village of Tuñón is located.

  • Visits on Sunday at 10:30am and 12:30pm

    Groups by prior arrangement all year round (maximum 15 people)


    General: €8

    Children between 4 and 14, large families and over-65s: €4

Up to 30 Upper Paleolithic engravings can be seen here.

This shelter houses an important collection of Upper Palaeolithic engravings composed of zoomorphic figures (primarily bison, deer and goats) which total some 30 figures distributed over the east and west walls. It also contains some X-shaped signs.

Santo Adriano belongs to a set of rock art sites called "outer sanctuaries" for their location at the entrances to caves or in rock shelters penetrated by sunlight. They are chronologically attributed to the artistic stage called "Horizon II" of the Mid-Nalón, which corresponds to the early Gravettian and Solutrean cultures. Some scholars, however, assign greater antiquity to these art forms, dating them at the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic, in the Aurignacian culture.

Santo Adriano Rock Shelter