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El Pindal Cave
Ribadedeva (Eastern Asturias)
Contact Address
Ctra. Mirador del Picu al Faro. 33590 Pimiango
608 175 284

Paleolithic cave paintings from the Magdalenianculture.

Further information:

UNESCO World Heritage

  • Timetable:
    From Wednesday to Sunday, 10a.m.-17a.m.
    Closed on Monday and Tuesday.
    Six visits per day in groups fo 20 peaple maximum.
    From October to Mars, Cupo: 150 personas al día (grupos de 25 pax. máximo)
    Octubre a Marzo: Previous reservation.
    Admission prices:
    Adults: €3
    Children (7 to 12) and over-65s: €1.50

    Free admission on Wednesday.

Rock art, paintings and engravings in a unique natural setting.

El Pindal Cave is located at the mouth of the River Cares-Deva, at the eastern end of Asturias, in a section of the coastal strip known as Cape San Emeterio.

It has a single entrance above the sea, overlooking the coastline, and a longitudinal gallery of 600 metres in length, only the first 300 of which can be visited. Divided into five areas, this Magdalenian site houses zoomorphic representations such as deer, horses, bison, as well as a noteworthy fish and mammoth.

The paintings in El Pindal Cave were most likely done in different moments during the Magdalenian culture, and probably even before, over a broad period of time ranging between 18,000 and 13,000 years ago.

El Pindal Cave