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Tito Bustillo Cave
Ribadesella (Eastern Asturias)
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Avda. de Tito Bustillo. 33560 Ribadesella
902 306 600
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Paleolithic cave paintings from the Magdalenianculture.

Further information:

UNESCO World Heritage

  • 2015 TIMETABLE (1st April to 1st November)
    From Wednsesday to Sunday: 10:15a.m. (first tour) to 17a.m. (last tour).
    Closed on Monday and Tuesday.
    Closed and 8th and 9th August.


    Previous reservationReservations can be made in the website or by phone: 985 861 255 / 985 185 860 / reservation online

    The visit is restricted to 15 people maximum per tour.
    10:15a.m. (first tour) to 17a.m. (last tour).
    The visit last about an hour.
    Children over 7 years old.

    General admission: €7,27
    Reduced admission: €5,25 (Groups 20+, Children aged between 7 and 12 years old,   Senior citizens...)

    Free admission on Wednesday.

One of the most important Paleolithic cave art sites in Europe.

Tito Bustillo Cave is situated in the town of Ribadesella. Open in the Ardines Massif, it forms part of a karst complex situated at the mouth of the River Sella, which boasts other caverns such as La Lloseta and Biesca Cave.

Discovered in 1968, it comprises a single gallery of 700 metres in length, which opens onto adjoining chambers. The collection of cave art is organized into 11 sets (some making up a number of panels), bringing together more than one hundred engravings and painted representations corresponding to two phases, one Pre-Magdalenian (signs in red and scant animal figuration) and the other Magdalenian, boasting several animal figures and different techniques.

The cave paintings in Tito Bustillo Cave vary according to their time frame and overlap each other, depending on the preferences of those who inhabited the cave between 22,000 and 10,000 BC.

The examples of horses and reindeer stand out, achieving an extraordinarily strong sensation of polychromy thanks to the use of different pigments and scratched outlines. Mention should also be made of the Gallery of Horses, the Chamber of Vulvas and the recently discovered Gallery of Anthropomorphs.

A complementary visit can also be made to the adjoining Ardines Cave (which was inhabited after Tito Bustillo Cave). It has an extensive central chamber and can be visited throughout the year. Also nearby is the Tito Bustillo Centre of Rock and Cave Art, an avant-garde building which offers an overall view of Asturian prehistory, providing information and items of archaeological interest, particularly from the cave itself, with unique mock-ups.

Tito Bustillo Cave