Etapa 1: Bustio - Llanes

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Stage 1: Bustio - Llanes 24.7 Kms

The Way of St. James enters Asturias via the bridge over the River Deva until it reaches Bustio. We climb the Cuesta'l Cantu and arrive at Colombres, a village that we pass through. Heading northwest, we reach the Las Concharascas spring and join the N-634 to La Franca and the El Campu bridge via the local road to Los Cándanos. After crossing the Cabra river, we reach Santiuste and then take the N-634 for 150 metres until we turn off onto a local track towards the Casa del Pintor (Painter's House). Towards the west, passing this house, you walk at the foot of the Sierra de La Borbolla mountain range until you join the national road that leads to Buelna. At Pendueles the path separates from the road and crosses the neighbourhood of La Venta and Las Cocheras, where it returns to the main road to Vidiago. From Vidiago to Puertas it runs parallel to the N-634 road. It joins the road to La Borbolla, where it turns right to follow the N-634 again to La Venta'l Pumar. About 400 m further on, take the old route of the Way to the right and after passing a small chapel, rejoin the N-634 as far as San Roque and El Cornellar. There, follow the traditional path that crosses the Andrín road and climbs up to the Jorcada pass. The route descends towards La Portilla and continues to Llanes along the AS-263.