Etapa 6: Gijón/Xixón - Avilés

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Stage 6: Gijón/Xixón - Avilés 26.2 Kms

From Deva we continue towards Cabueñes, the Universidad Laboral and the Guía to enter the city and cross Avenida de la Costa, Paseo de Begoña and the neighbourhoods of Cimavilla, El Natahoyo and La Calzada. We leave Gijón/Xixón by road in the direction of Avilés, and take the branch towards Puao and, after passing the Veriña sugar factory, begin the ascent to Monte Areo. We descend towards Santolaya and once we have passed the church, we continue on to La Maquila and then La Torre and Tamón. At this point, the route becomes a road towards Tabaza, and here it joins the N-632 road that takes us to Trasona/Tresona and finally Avilés, where it enters via Avenida de Gijón and joins Calle Rivero near the hostel.