Etapa 1: Puerto de Pajares - Campumanes

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Stage 1: Puerto de Pajares - Campumanes 22.1 Kms

In reality, this section of the route would be incomplete if the pilgrim did not visit the village of Arbás in León, bordering Asturias, and its magnificent Collegiate Church of Santa María (12th-13th century), a milestone towards San Salvador in Oviedo/Uviéu and its Holy Chamber, which were the main attraction for pilgrims on the French Way through León. From Arbás, by path, we climb to the top of La Gobia and the Boquete de La Calera and descend through the valley of La Casa Tibigracias until we reach Samiguel del Río and the cemetery and village of Payares by a path parallel to the railway track. The path continues along the road to Floracebos and, after 1.5 km, to the right of the chapel of the Virgen de las Nieves, there is a path to La Romía Riba. From here, passing by the pass of the hermitage of San Pedro, you descend to the village of Naveo. We climb up the western slope of the Alto de Torones and flatten out as far as the hamlet of La Muela, before descending steeply to Fierros. Continue along the road to San Bartolo and climb a steep slope to Fresneo. Skirting through forests of chestnut and holly trees, we reach the chapel of San Miguel. A good path leads down to Erías and along the Camín de Los Moros to Campumanes.