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Puppet Workshop Museum
Siero (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
La Cabaña, 51 A. 33519 Vega de Poja (Siero)
985 724 234 / 686 125 880
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The visit is guided and lasts between 75 and 90 minutes. Groups (8+), by prior arrangement

  • October to May
    Sunday: 5:30pm

    June to September
    Thursday: 6:30pm

    Individual: €2.50

The museum displays the tradition of puppetry as a theatrical art that has been used for over two thousand years around the world.

The Puppet Workshop, led by Joaquín Hernández, director of the Tragaluz puppet theatre company, aims to show the public the artistic world of these puppets through an exhibition of dolls and artifacts from around the world, as well as the process of creating puppets via the everyday work of a craft workshop. This visit to the museum includes the workshop and an exhibition:

  • In the craft workshop, an explanation is given of how puppets are made, what materials are used and how they are handled.
  • In the exhibition, visitors can see a large variety of puppets from five different continents (string, shadow, glove and rod puppets, among others) and many other items related to puppets.

Giant and tiny, ancient and modern, professional and toy puppets are on display, as well as puppet theatres and paper cutouts, posters, postcards, stamps, books, match boxes, coasters, playing cards, cigar bands, stickers, badges and the like.

A visit that will delight the youngest members of the family and amaze the not so young.

Puppet Workshop Museum