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La Chalana Mill Educational Exhibition
Laviana (Eastern Asturias)
Contact Address
La Chalana, 333980, Pola de Laviana
689 285 677
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  • Advance booking required by phone: 689 285 677

    Individual: €2
    Children: €1

A place where you can learn about the traditional process of manufacturing flour.

If what you want is to discover the processes that wheat, barley, corn, rye or spelt wheat go through from planting until being made into bread, then this is the place for you.

La Chalana Mill is a completely restored water mill on the banks of the River Nalón, allowing all visitors to learn the ins and outs of obtaining fine flour to make fine bread, fritters or corn bread called boroña. Its location in the Laviana Valley, in the centre of Asturias, means you will also be able to enjoy the fantastic natural scenery surrounding the mill. You can also learn about the history of its construction or visit the photo gallery.

La Chalana Mill Educational Exhibition