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Marine Environment of Cape Peñas Visitor Reception and Interpretation Centre
Gozón (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
Faro de Peñas.33448 , Viodo
985 882 644
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Acceso practicalbe y movilidad interior accesible.

  • July to September:
    Monday to Sunday: 9:00am-9:00pm

    October to June
    Monday to Sunday: 9:00am-8:00pm

    Individual: €1
    Reduced: €0.50

A walk through one of the spots with the greatest scenic value in Asturias.

Housed on the ground floor of the legendary Cape Peñas Lighthouse, this museographic display is made more enjoyable by the use of the latest techniques of special effects and simulations that make for an educational visit.


  • Room 1:Lighthouses
  • Room 2:Storms and Shipwrecks
  • Room 3:The Sea of Cape Peñas
  • Room 4:Cape Peñas Marine Environment
  • Room 5:A Window onto Gozón

The natural environment of Cape Peñas Marine Environment Interpretation Centre is located within Cape Peñas Protected Landscape. This is without a doubt an area of enormous scenic value that you cannot fail to visit and enjoy. A path of wooden walkways runs from the entrance to the interpretation centre to the edge of the cliffs leading to an Educational Environmental Itinerary through panels explaining the most important values ​​of the Protected Landscape (Archaeology, Geology, Plant Life, Wildlife and Cetacea).

The centre's goals:
Through its five halls, visitors can become acquainted with the history of lighthouses, sea storms and shipwrecks, man's relationship with the sea and marine biodiversity at Cape Peñas.

Marine Environment of Cape Peñas Visitor Reception and Interpretation Centre